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Markets and Applications

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Tank Storage

Traditional (gate) valves may degrade in time resulting in loss of product or risk of contamination. The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve has proven to be a superior solution for such applications whereby valves are frequently operated and zero-leakage is required.

Multi-product Manifolds

Manifolds are operated frequently, zero-leakage is an absolute necessity when switching from one product to another, thus preventing contamination. Increasingly, plants are being operated by a plant management system, automation of the valve is a very important aspect. Unlike some conventional valves the VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve is highly suitable for automation, due to the low-torque value and the minimum wear of the sealing element. Our experienced engineers in the field of valve automation can help and support you to select the right combination, providing a safe and reliable solution.

Metering Stations

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve has proven itself in the most critical applications where “zero-leakage” is required. In highly critical applications such as Metering Stations even a small leak will cause an error in the calibration of the flow-meter, resulting in an incorrect flow measurement which can have major financial impact.

Aviation & Marine Fueling Stations 

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve provides a “zero leakage” solution, making the valve highly suitable for fueling stations in the aviation and marine industries. It is used on the truck-loading racks, as a tank shutoff valve and on the Jetty loading and unloading docking stations.
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