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Pressure Relief & Bleed System

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve provides several different bleed systems and a pressure relief device according to the requirements of API 6D. Due to the Double Block function of the VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve, thermal expansion of the liquid in the body cavity can cause a significant increase of the pressure. To prevent this effect all VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valves must be installed with a pressure relief device.

In order to satisfy customers demand, ERIKS-VE® has developed several types of Bleed systems. All these systems can be customized with additional equipment like gauges, electronic flow-sensors etc.

MBB Manual Body Bleed

MBB: Manual Body Bleed

Hand operated bleed valve. The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve must always be bled in closed position. Bleed outlet should be plumbed for drainage to a reservoir.

 TRB Thermal Bleed to Body

TRB: Thermal Relief to Body

This system includes a thermal relief valve in order to relieve pressure build up which might occur in the body cavity from thermal expansion. The thermal relief valve automatically operates when the pressure in the body cavity goes 1.5 Bar (22psi) above pipeline pressure, unless the isolation valve is closed.

 MBTR Manual Bleed and Thermal Relief

MBTR: Manual Bleed and Thermal Relief

This system is a combination of an MBV and a TRB. Combining an automatic bleed of the body and also check the seal integrity of the Dual Expanding Plug Valve.

 ABB Automatic Body Bleed

ABB: Automatic Body Bleed

This system works when the valve is closing. The valve is opened mechanically before the VE® valve is fully closed, enabling the user to verify full closure when the bled fluid stops. There is also an isolating valve in the system with a lock open device, to avoid any human error. The bleed outlet should be plumbed for drainage to a reservoir.

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